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Regular Physical Activity Helps Preventing Colds

Autumn is coming and with it the time for catching a cold. Luckily there are several ways, we can take action and proactively provide a protective boost for our health. One of the simplest ways is being physically active on a regular basis.

Exercise is beneficial to health

So far, we all agree. But how can you stay active and implement physical activity in your daily life? From a child’s perspective, being on the move all day long is just natural, but on the way to adultery we kind of loose that urge to move and get stuck, sitting way too much in our cars and office chairs. As an adult, we need to find our own ways to provide our bodies with the right amount of physical activity, which it needs to stay healthy.

Finding the right intensity
The World Health Organization recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. Moderate activity can be recognized by feeling slightly exertive and only requires efforts of around 30 – 50 % of maximal intensity. Great examples are brisk walking, bicycling, swimming or jogging. Simply finding an activity, which you really enjoy and which suits your weekly schedule makes it easier to establish and maintain the lifestyle of being an active person.

Physical activity activates and strengthens the immune system. It becomes more efficient in eliminating viruses and bacteria from the organism. Active persons who exercise regular (five or more days a week) experience the symptoms in a less severe way, researchers say.

Cold prevention:
Latest research findings state, that physically fit and active adults generally catch less colds during colder seasons, also the period of suffering is shorter.

What else can we do?

Besides regular exercise, a well-balanced lifestyle contributes to our overall health. Ensuring adequate sleep each day is the foundation for well body function. During resting periods, the body restores its energy and repair processes take place. Furthermore, drinking enough water or tea in combination with a balanced diet, which provides all necessary nutrients further boost our immune system and contribute to overall health.

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