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Customized Rehabilitation Therapy Can Ease Lower Back Pain

Customized rehabilitation therapy may be a useful way to ease low back pain, which affects a high percentage of office workers all over the world. Many patients with low-back disorders persist beyond 6 weeks do not recover. Sometimes the pain can become so intense, it even causes inability to concentrate and work.

How to best respond to back pain and feel relieve? One might think, with resting and taking it easy you can never go wrong – but actually the opposite is the truth. Physical activity and targeted, controlled back exercises have been proofed most efficient in rehabilitating the spine and help alleviate back pain.

Comparing common treatment methods like bed rest, massage, exercise and targeted exercise therapy, physical activity and targeted exercise therapy together are the only effective options in the long run. Especially unspecific back pain is hardly responding to any other treatment option.

Passive treatments are ineffective: Bed rest and an inadequate level of physical activity even worsens the situation due to a lack of nutrients and slowed down metabolism within the disc space.

The annoying back pain can even be prevented, thanks to health prevention therapy. Regular, controlled movement therapy in a gradual and progressive manner helps to keep the spine flexible and in muscular balance. A combination of strengthening and stretching the trunk area and low-impact endurance conditioning training is currently regarded as fruitful option.

Because the spine is complex and requires a specific, systematic therapy program, a proper assessment performed by a professional therapist contributes a lot to therapy success. The better the assessment, the better the foundation for therapy.

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