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We provide Physiotherapy services

Your personal Physiotherapy (PT) begins with a comprehensive evaluation of functional limitations, areas of pain and overall health situation. Our interdisciplinary Sino-German team of experienced Physiotherapists will design a treatment plan based on your personal needs and goals. Throughout your treatment, we will work hard to help you return to all normal activities of daily life.

Rehabilitation does not only take place in our facility but is a 24/7 approach. Therefore, our therapists will give you specific guidance on health-promoting and illness-avoiding behavior. To further enhance your rehabilitation you will receive a personalized home exercise program.

Our services include all types and sizes

From injuries to longer-term post-surgical rehabilitation, at CityReha we offer all kinds of orthopedic and sports rehabilitation services, including treatment for chronic indications and old injuries, spine and low-back pain treatment and preventive healthcare training. However, Physiotherapy is a health care modality, that provides significantly more than just a solution for pain.

Medical Training Therapy - a strong ally

Particularly the effectiveness of combining the concepts of Physiotherapy and Medical Training Therapy (MTT) became strongly evident and is therefore recommended throughout latest treatment guidelines. The approach is emphasizing on active, systematically planned medical training, operating advanced, computer-based equipment. According to German standards, we combine PT and MTT therapy to an unique active rehabilitation approach in order to get our patients back to full functionality in the fastest and most reliable way.