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As part of CityReha's overall philosophy to offer customers ways to reduce stress, improve well-being and quality of life, the active Health Prevention program, will address all persons who are not suffering from acute impairments, diseases and restrictions.

Overall well-being and health risk prevention

Physical activity and dosed MTT training are of vital importance for health prevention and controlling risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

Our MTT health training program intends to improve the physical condition of the participants, bringing a strong focus on all training activities, which help to reduce stress, improve the overall fitness level and work against the age-related decrease of the physical performance. Specialized body posture treatment and therapy focuses on improving the overall body perception for a more dynamic appearance and first impression.

Pursuit of improved health

We are there to guide and assist our customers to not only regain health and functional abilities but also provide the platform for an enduring pursuit of improved health and wellbeing. Continuous health training helps to take care of several health risk factors, to prevent illnesses from manifesting.

Usually lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes and hypertension strike the higher age groups. Targeted health prevention training can be very effective in both countering existing problems and preventing them from occurring. Based on the therapeutic findings, our therapists create your individual health risk profile and derive a determined health prevention strategy.