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Active Rehabilitation therapy eliminates still existing deficits in the areas of strength, coordination, endurance and mobility. Improper weight-bearing, postural deficits and impaired joint mobility are treated in a systematic manner under medical supervision. Through ongoing health prevention training several health risk factors can be prevented, often one is not even aware of their existence.

Therapy solutions for functional limitations and small pinches

More often than not, patients visit us because of a former injury, trauma or surgery, sometimes occurred even years ago, which still causes problems every day during some movements. The body has never fully recovered and as compensation most likely developed an unphysiological movement pattern, which could effect the whole body posture and cause imbalances.

Preventing chronic impairments

Through the combined benefits of manual and device based assessments we aim for the root causes of your functional limitations. Manual assessment evaluates functional limitations by analyzing mobility, pain patterns and the physical interaction between individual body parts. In their comprehensive assessment, MTT therapists use modern medical devices equipped with advanced assessment technology to accurately measure neuromuscular functions, coordination and endurance. Based on ICF  (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health) functional objectives are set that correspond to your individual everyday requirements.

A targeted, planned therapy plan guides you to get you back to full functionality and prevent the problem from becoming chronic.