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Particularly the effectiveness of combining the concepts of Physiotherapy and Medical Training Therapy became strongly evident and is therefore recommended throughout latest treatment guidelines for several orthopedic and neurologic indications as well as secondary health prevention training. The approach is emphasizing on active, physical training exercises throughout the rehabilitation process.

What is Medical Training Therapy?

Every person’s biomechanics and movement patterns are all slightly different. All sports and work require different skills and muscle activation. When it comes to injury prevention, recovery and functional skill development every persons needs are slightly different.

Medical Training Therapists and Physiotherapists work in close cooperation to draw up patient-specific training programs, designed to eliminate deficits in the areas of strength, coordination, endurance and mobility. Exercise therapy is applied in a targeted manner to eliminate weight-bearing issues, pain and other problems after injury and surgery. Each training program is created based on the clinical presentation and treatment status. Regular device supported diagnostic procedures are carried out to evaluate the therapy progress.

How does Medical Training Therapy work?

Planned, systematic and guided training therapy improves functional abilities, overall health and therefore even quality of life. Advanced rehabilitation technology detects deficits and enables precise and customized training with optimal loads. Therapeutical exercises are aimed at the appropriate level for you and your pain and are progressed when possible and tolerated. The intensive use of medical devices is a core element of MTT training.